There is a strong correlation between mobile context and what I refer to as People-centric Computing which is at the center of mobile software design…

“The mobile handset is, by its own nature, a social artifact; an object made and used by people to connect with people. This is the reason why the next big development in mobility and related services involves social software in some form or fashion, to enable better ways to find, communicate and share with friends and family, to learn about our surroundings, and to consume information. And the mobile handset is at the center of this.” I call this People-centric mobile computing.

People-centric mobile computing is a user-centric approach to mobile software design but with emphasis on communication (people), the user’s context (such as places and time), and the interactions with “things” around us.

It is about the Internet of People, Things and Places… of everything everywhere and the information within.

The future of personal communications and computing is the mobile handset. Part of this future is the integration with local handset capabilities and sensors and the services on the web (the cloud). Part of this future is about leveraging the hidden information found in our actions and interactions, in our surroundings, in our mobile context. Those who don’t recognize this will miss a huge business opportunity…

“Mobile (social) computing – reaching and awareness, one billion at a time…”

Download the full white-paper The Mobile Context and People-centric Mobile Computing: An Introduction to the mobile context and mobile social software, which explores the topics of the mobile context and its role on what I referred to as People-centric mobile computing.

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