I like to explore the concept of the handset as a personal gateway to the Internet and everything around us; it is about the people, things and events of interest around us.

For this I explore the mobile handset’s communication, sensor, information-access, multimedia and computing capabilities, with focus on the user’s mobile and social context, physical-world-interactions, services-on-the-web and data-mining, for the purpose of delivering software that enables for better ways to find, communicate and share with friends and family, to learn about our surroundings, and to consume information.

I use two terms for this: People-centric mobile computing, and “Internetting” everything around us.

This exploration consists of software on the web, and software on the handset. It is initially targeted at the Android platform, to be followed by an iPhone version.

Elements of the Exploration

  1. People-centric Mobile Computing
  2. The Mobile Handset as a Personal Gateway to the Internet and the Physical World
  3. The Mobile Internet and mobile applications and platforms
  4. The Design of the User-Centric and Rich User Experiences
  5. Leveraging the Handset Capabilities
  6. “Internetting” everything around us and the Handset as a Sensor: Sensing our Environment and the connecting the Physical and Digital Worlds
  7. Communicating with Others, the importance of the address book, and exploring new ways of communication
  8. Leveraging the Mobile Context
  9. Leveraging the Social Context
  10. Mobility and User Behavior
  11. Any/all information as desirable content
  12. The Platform and its Services, and the Power of the Cloud
  13. Making meaning out of data and patterns and the power of Tagging
  14. On Business Models and Use Cases
  15. Deployment Considerations
  16. Lessons Learned