2013 Review

As the year 2013 ends, it is time to reflect and write down some thoughts and highlights for the year. This year I spent most of my time working on Telco stuff, specifically on a supply chain orchestration SaaS platform

Bye bye 2012…

It is the end of 2012 — I wish all of you a very super happy new year, a 2013 full of great health and prosperity. Bye bye 2012… 2012 will be remembered as a very interesting and challenging year.

On Dreams

I am no psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor of any kind, so feel free to ignore or bash what I am writing below… The other day, after a night where I dreamt about a solution (to a coding problem, which

Our Story in One Minute

I can watch this a thousand times… From “nothingness” to intelligence and the ability to understand the beginnings, understand the history of life and our own history, and understanding the abstract mechanics of the universe, and being able to conquer