Andrea Trasatti wrote that Everyone wants an App Store these days.

Yes, very true.

I was talking about this with Brian Fling at Mobile 2.0.

Apple, Google, BlackBerry. The number of independent vendors. Next, network operators…

App Stores are the new Deck. But a very deep deck. A searchable deck. A deck-catalog.

The new deck gives or moves the power to the subscriber/end-user, who can search (discover) and decide what application (content) to install or ignore, and even say which applications are great, OK or bad thus having a direct influence how a given application will do on the store/market.

The new deck makes developer’s life much easier and with better returns.

The new deck is about the ecosystem, making participation and related business model effective and attractive to everyone.

Next, future mobile stores will go beyond local/native applications and also offer web applications, widgets, and other types of mobile content.