Update: we had a great event! — see some photos of the event. Thanks to our speakers, and to our sponsor Evernote.

Topic – “Android app performance, optimization and analysis”:

For headcount purposes, please register at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3493177187

Food and drinks will be served.

We have some goodies to give away, courtesy of Google’s Developer Advocate group.

Event Info:
Date: 5/24/2012
Time: 6:45-9pm
Where: Evernote Corp. 6504 Bridge Point Pkwy, Suite 400 Austin, TX. 78730

Agenda – “Android app performance, optimization and analysis”:

0 ~ Intro, and a word from our sponsor, Evernote
1 ~ The Evernote Android SDK
2 ~ Using the Memory Analyzer tool to find memory leaks/inspect memory usage, including soft vs weak references (useful for memory analysis), and using the built in Android profiler to find performance hotspots
3 ~ Introducing CoreDroid (An OSS app framework to ease up some of the pain of app development)
4 ~ Android Performance monitoring and configuration SDK with InstaOps (mobile application performance monitoring and configuration management system)
5 ~ Open discussion

Also, if interested, you may want to bring your computer — the folks from InstaOps will also explain how developers or dev-ops can use InstaOps’ SDK and tools to improve mobile performance. So if you are interested into diving into the code (including code walk through), please bring your laptop.

Thanks to our sponsor, Evernote.

And thanks to Google’s Developer Advocate group for the goodies/give aways.

For more information visit the Android Dev Austin website.