R.I.P. Neil Armstrong (2012)

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong — aerospace engineer, U.S. Navy pilot, test pilot, American astronaut, the first person to walk on the Moon, and university professor. And thank you, Sir Neil Armstrong, as you were one of my sources of inspiration when

Obama’s NASA Dilemma

Great article on Obama’s NASA Dilemma (The Technology Review). “When president-elect Barack Obama takes office in January, he will be faced with a rare situation. Within his first 100 days, he will have to decide the fate of America’s space

Endeavour / STS-126 night launch

A beautiful night launch of the Shuttle Shuttle Endeavour and the STS-126 mission (PDF)… See the launch in High Definition, or in standard definition version on Spacevidcast.com‘s YouTube channel. In Endeavour’s payload bay, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo is packed