Using Android’s Advertising ID

My most recent piece is about Using Android’s Advertising ID (Safari Online Books blog). The ability to identify users is important for advertising, analytics and other purposes. Android developers typically rely on the Android Device ID or Telephony IDs such

Betting on Nokia (2013)

(Image source: Have you given up on Nokia? From my perspective, due to its recent (couple of years old) debacles and endeavors with MSFT, I had stayed away from Nokia. I never believed on how their MSFT strategy was

On Voice Apps (2013)

Image Source: The Future of the Web and Mobile (Feb 2007) For years I have been working on mobile and related software development. This has been a world of “data”-and consumer and enterprise applications and infrastructure, that for me started

Retail Stores vs. Amazon (2012)

Something subtle but very important occurred yesterday. I am talking about Target’s decision to stop selling Amazon’s Kindle e-readers (hyperlink: USA Today). In the above article you can find one sentence that summarizes the struggle that Retailers have been facing: