19 Dec

On the Java Community Process: Expert Groups, JSRs, Observers and legal-related thoughts

Antonio Goncalves writes that Everybody should be able to easily observe JSRs.

Yes, I agree. But it really is more than just being able to observe. I was an Observer for the MSA 1.0 Expert Group (EG) and other EGs; but not all spec-leads are created equal. I quickly realized that for certain EGs, in this case MSA 1.0, being an Observer didn’t mean much as Observer’s input was not really taken into consideration and not followed up. A number of Observers were not happy about this, and I personally kind of gave up. Too bad, as it was their loss.

Part of the reason the EGs are closed is due to the Intellectual Property (IP) and related legal issues. That is the first thing that needs to be addressed, so that EGs can really become open. A true open process will have a common license and companies must be willing to give up the IP, otherwise, those companies unwilling to do that should remain on the proprietary business and not allowed to participate.

The other legal-related issue that needs to be addressed is that even though many people and companies contribute to a specific Java Specification (JSR), as I have, at the end the owner of the JSR is the company that led the JSR (i.e. Specification Lead); meaning that company will own all related IP created by all EG members, and that the company defines the licensing terms. I always found this totally unfair and this needs to changed as well.

As I predict, 2009 should be a big turning point year for Java, the JCP, and mobile Java…


18 Nov

JCP Elections 2008: A Good Day for the Developer Community

Thanks to everyone who voted for Sean at the JCP elections. The two with the most votes have been elected for JCP ME Executive Committee for the next three years. Having Sean at the EC is a very good thing, as he will represent the developer community; he understands well the issues and will push for changes — lets now hope the JCP will listen, accept and implement Sean’s recommendations:

  • Sony/Ericsson: 45.1%
  • Sean Sheedy: 36.8%
  • Aplix: 17.9%

Congrats Sean (and Sony Ericsson)!!!


12 Nov

Java Community Process 2008 Elections – Vote for Sean Sheedy

This upcoming November 17, 2008 is the last day of the JCP Executive Committee elections.

This year a number of individuals have chosen to run for the SE and ME seats side-by-side large companies; see the JCP Ballot. On the ME side, we have Aplix and Sony Ericsson running for election, and Sean Sheedy (individual).

And with this post, I would like to ask you to vote for Sean Sheedy for one of the ME seats (two are open).

Sean represents the developer community. Sean knows the mobile Java space, the issues involved both technical and poltical, he is passionate about it, he is vocal, and he really means and intents to make a difference. You can read Sean’s statement of why he is running for the seat.

While I considered running for election, I felt that Sean is a much better candidate; we talked about how to better serve the mobile Java developer community and the answer is for him to run, and for me to support him by helping reach developers, help disseminate information, and gather feedback from the developer community for Sean to use, who again, will be representing the developer community, which is a very good thing.

Note that to vote, you have to be a member of the JCP, but that joining the JCP is free for individuals.

For more information about how to participate see
JCP Java ME EC Election: Vote now for a Voice for Independent Developers (Terrence Barr’s Blog).