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What is next and a continuation on the theme of convergence and reasons for a mobile boom

On my previous post, Looking back — Local faster, fresher, better…, a flashback, I wrote about after how in the last 3-4 years Mobility has reached a state of adoption and commoditization that many of us have been preaching for years now.

On Reasons Why The Mobile/Wireless Usage Boom is Underway | Part 2

Back in April 2008, around a year after the introduction of the iPhone and Android, I wrote a piece on my blog on the Reasons Why The Mobile/Wireless Usage Boom was Underway, where I introduced the diagram below that highlights the convergence between…

The Problem with OTA Updates

Over-the-Air (OTA) updates make sense; no need to connect to the PC to download needed updates. At least that is the theory… In practicality, OTA updates translate to delays, sometimes for weeks. Because OTA updates burn resources, here I refer to bandwidth, this…

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