21 Nov

Article: Parse cloud-based services for Android apps

My latest article on Mobile & Cloud computing…

Summary: Explore the advantages of storing mobile application data in a private cloud with this introduction to the Parse SDK for Android. Mobilist C. Enrique Ortiz introduces the Parse API classes for cloud-storing and manipulating users, data objects, and files for your mobile applications.

See Parse cloud-based services for Android apps (IBM developerWorks).

31 May

Introduction to jQuery Mobile (May 2012)

See my latest article, Introduction to jQuery Mobile (developerWorks).

This article, an update to my original Intro to jQuery Mobile (Feb 2011), introduces the basics in the latest version of jQuery Mobile. Learn about browser support, the UI components, and the API.

“Summary: Get an introduction to the jQuery Mobile framework. Learn the basics of the framework and how to write a functional mobile web application user interface. In this article, an example guides you through basic pages, navigation, toolbars, list views, form controls, and transition effects.”

Link: Introduction to jQuery Mobile (developerWorks).

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22 Mar

Article: Introduction to jQuery plug-ins

My most recent article is on jQuery plug-ins…

See Introduction to jQuery plug-ins (developerWorks).

The jQuery JavaScript library has excellent support for extensibility through plug-ins that you can consume, write, and share. In this article, learn about the benefits of creating a jQuery plug-in. Get started with a basic template, and then create a relatively simple plug-in example that adds Google Map support to your web page. Also learn about naming conventions, and about packaging plug-ins for use by other developers.

Plug-ins is one of jQuery’s most powerful features.

I hope you find this article useful…


22 Feb

Article: DOM-based data storage and retrieval using jQuery

See my latest article titled DOM-based data storage and retrieval using jQuery. It covers the jQuery data() APIs and HTML5 data-* attributes in your jQuery-powered applications…

Summary: The popular, and free (MIT and GPL-licensed), jQuery JavaScript library has a concise and portable set of JavaScript APIs for rapid web development. In this article, learn how the jQuery data() method can simplify the task of associating data to DOM elements. In-depth examples show how to use the method in your own applications. Discover how jQuery lets you use HTML5 data-* attributes in your jQuery-powered applications.

See DOM-based data storage and retrieval using jQuery (developerWorks)


15 Dec

Article: Introduction to Facebook SDK for Android

Write Facebook apps for the Android platform with the Facebook Android SDK…

You can incorporate Facebook functionality into your own applications. From the mobile perspective, the Facebook Platform supports APIs for mobile web applications, and mobile SDKs for native mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms. In this article, explore the Facebook Platform APIs and the Facebook SDK for Android, the SDK released by the Facebook mobile team.

See my article Introduction to Facebook APIs (IBM developerWorks) which introduces the Facebook SDK for Android.


30 Nov

Article: Understanding Android local data store APIs

“The ability to store data locally on the mobile device is a critical function for mobile applications that are required to maintain essential information across application-executions or the lifetime of the application. As a developer, you constantly need to store information such as user preferences or application configurations. You must also decide if you need to tap internal or external storage, depending on characteristics, such as access visibility, or if you need to handle more complex, structured types of data. Follow along in this article to learn about Android data storage APIs, specifically the preferences, SQLite, and the internal and external memory APIs.”

See my article Understanding Android local data store APIs (IBM developerWorks) which introduces the different local data store APIs on Android.