21 Mar

Carnival of the Mobilists #247 @ mobiThinking

The Carnival of the Mobilists (#247) came up today at mobiThinking with topics that include: Mobile’s role in Japanese disaster; near-field communications; tablets vs. smartphones; operators vs. content providers; making the Web mobile friendly and more.

My piece on NFC in 2011 was picked up:

NFC, a.k.a. contactless payments, touch and go, wave and pay et cetera, has been all talk and trials, but no trousers for almost a decade, largely due to a lack of mass-market NFC-enabled handsets (everywhere but Japan). That, according to C. Enrique Ortiz at Mobility Weblog in Mobility 2011: The year of NFC is going to change. This informative guide isn’t your usual “will they, won’t they” article about Apple, Google or (more importantly) Nokia etc, nor is the guide just about mobile payments (which is only one bit of the NFC story). Other blogs in this series are also worth a read, see also: Mobility in 2011: Mobile apps, Web apps and tipping points.

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16 Feb

Carnival of Mobilists 211 at the Communities Dominate Brands Blog

Tomi Ahonen, five-time bestselling author and consultant on digital convergence and mobile telecoms, is hosting this week’s Carnival of the Mobilist #211. This week’s carnival has submissions from Mobi Thinking, WAP Review, Open Gardens, Little Springs Design, M-Search Groove, Voip Survivor, Francisco Kattan, Mobhappy, the Tams Blackberry blog, and myself.

Thanks Tomi for including my piece on dotMobi.

Enjoy the Carnival…


21 Sep

Carnival of the Mobilists #192

Another week, another Carnival of the Mobilists. It is my pleasure to host once again the Carnival, this time #192!

This week we have great entries on topics that include Opera Mini, Mobile Learning, App Stores, HD voice and Mobile music. So let’s begin…

Let’s start with Dennis Bournique (the WAP Review) who wrote a very informative entry on “Opera Mini 5 Tips and Tricks”. As usual Dennis provides a great review/summary and in this case it includes great tips and tricks. A good read.

Next we have WIPJam with guest Mitch Oliver, vice president of ecosystem development for Qualcomm. Here Mitch writes You’re on an app store; now what? – a good background on App Stores, current issues, scenarios and thoughts. Another good read.

Judy Break, our Carnival of the Mobilists goddess, writes a very interesting piece titled Festival may kick-off the handschooling era, where she covers how the mobile handsets and smartphones are transforming learning. I believe in this future in which the mobile handset will play a big role in learning — always on learning.

Our next entry by Mark Hooft gives us a Mobile Learning Round-Up from mobile learning “stuff” to “projects” to “news” — hmm, will textbooks be replaced by their electronic counterparts?

Tsahi Levelt-Levi writes Consumers HD Voice – Where is the Incentive? where he covers the lack of real incentives to move to HD Voice – especially in the mobile domain.

Next we have Volker Hirsh with his piece Mobile to Rescue Music Business!? about the potential impact of mobile on the music business; a well written piece.

The next entry is from a first timer to the Carnival, Dr. Kiran Mudiam, who also is as a guest blogger to my blog (About Mobility) – Kiran wrote an opinion on App Stores.

Our last entry is from Dr. Jim Taylor who wrote an interesting piece titled Psychology of Technology: The Evolution of Connectivity that covers the evolution of connectivity, including the mobile handset.

Favorite post of the week:

I have to say that I have 3 favorite posts this week: 1) Volker with his piece on mobile and music, 2) Dennis with his write-up on Opera Mini 5, and 3) Mitch with his piece on App Stores. Congrats to all!

Last is a reminder about the Mobile Application Stores Conference at CTIA 2009, organized by fellow Mobilist Ajit Jaokar, and that is happing next month (October) in San Diego.

Thanks for visiting!

Next Carnival is on September 28 at Volker’s weblog.


25 Nov

Carnival of the Mobilists #151 at GoldenSwamp.com


This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists #151 is hosted at Judy Breck’s GoldenSwamp.com blog.

…(this week’s) Carnival sparkles with visions into the mobile future, written by experts with deep experience, keen vision, and some really interesting ideas about what lies ahead.

A great edition it is…

This is the first time that I post to the Carnival in a long time, perhaps months. Thanks to Judy for picking up my entry.