28 Apr

The Real Threat to Google (is in your pocket)

An interesting BusinessWeek article, covers the next holly grail in marketing. Yeap you guest it; those 2 or so inches of screen real estate in your pocket; the cell phone or mobile handset. And more importantly, the application of the analysis of personal profiles and activity streams, for the delivery of relevant/customized information:

As more consumers browse the Web on their cell phones, the No. 1 search engine must cope with less space to place ads

See The Real Threat to Google (BusinessWeek).

Related to this see Andreas Weigend on the Consumer Data Revolution.


One thought on “The Real Threat to Google (is in your pocket)

  1. Google could easily make an AdMob/AdModa killer, so why don’t they? They have absolutely everything in place. It can only be a matter of rigid minds.

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