Articles, presentations, books, essays/blogs and patents by C. Enrique Ortiz.

My Books

Mobile Device Information Profile for J2ME (2001) – First book solely devote to Mobile Information Device Profile for J2ME. A hands-on programming guide for the most active wireless application environment–cell phones and pagers.

Android in Action, 3rd Edition (2011) – Android in Action, Third Edition is a comprehensive tutorial for Android developers. This fast-paced book puts you in the driver’s seat — you’ll master the SDK, build WebKit apps using HTML 5, and even learn to extend or replace Android’s built-in features by building useful and intriguing examples.

AiA, 3rd Edition MIDP

Some of My Presentations (SlideShare)

Some of My Articles

  1. Parse cloud-based services for Android apps
  2. Introduction to jQuery Mobile
  3. Using the Facebook SDK for Android
  4. Understanding security on Android
  5. Understanding Android local data store APIs
  6. DOM-based data storage and retrieval using jQuery

My Patents

Mobile presentation system
United States US20020147749
Co-inventor of method can be used to generate information for a user. The method can determine the attribute(s) of the user’s device and determine the appropriate grammar for the device. The method may access a grammar cache to determine if the appropriate grammar is in the grammar cache. If it is, the grammar can be sent to a servlet engine to generate the information in the appropriate presentation form for the user. If not, presentation information, business logic, a device profile, and a transformation rule can be used to generate the grammar that is sent to the servlet engine. An information handling system can be used to implement the method and send information to the user in a form that is more user friendly and compatible with the presentation component of the user’s device.

File list processing
File transfers using playlists
United States US6484157, US6026439
Co-inventor of method and implementing apparatus is provided for transferring data from memory to a file decoder which is effective to decode the file for further processing

Unified Services Platform Using A Telephone Number As A Common Subscriber Identifier
United States 14087768
Co-inventor of innovative approach to the management of cloud-based communication services around the telephone number, simplifying how such communication services can be managed and moved.

Systems And Methods For Indoor And Outdoor Mobile Device Navigation
Inventor of disclosure that provides methods and systems for performing location-based computer processing based on position data from multiple location providers.

Other: Some favorites blogs of mine, older stuff

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