Today I read “Dell to exit global smartphone business” (Austin Business Journal).

From the ABJ article:

“It needs a lot of investments to really be successful,” Clarke told Forbes.

Translation: “…we don’t know how to make it happen”.

I say this because Dell has invested, a lot — but have not done it right. Dell already have the tech and ops resources to make this happen, but it keeps failing on the Go-to-Market (business-side) of the equation; in other words the problem is not the tech side but the business side.

A very sad part of this story is that many people didn’t know Dell had a smartphone business, less a global one!

What Dell should do?

  1. Find the right people, especially business people that understand Mobile,
  2. Quit the politics that again and again have prevented Dell from successfully going to market,
  3. Invest on true innovation, and,
  4. Really invest on Mobile and mobile people.

From the ABJ article:

The Round Rock-based company pulled the plug on selling its mobile devices in the United States earlier this year.


Perhaps it is the right call, for Dell to just focus on server, cloud and services.

Will Dell quit the Tablet market as well?

The future of Personal Computing is Mobile!