The other day I tweeted this:


Then I read at the Royal Pingdom blog some interesting Internet 2011 in numbers; looking at the mobile-related numbers, we have:

Mobile (July 2012)

  • 1.2 billion – The number of active mobile broadband subscriptions worldwide in 2011.
  • 5.9 billion – The estimated number of mobile subscriptions worldwide in 2011.
  • 85% – Percentage of handsets shipped globally in 2011 that included a web browser.
  • 88% – Apple iPad’s share of global tablet web traffic in December.

    So the mobile space is a pretty hot space indeed. Let’s now look at some mobile-related job salary numbers, courtesy of Indeed Salary; note these are *average* salaries:

    Mobile Architect

    Mobile Developers

    Mobile Designer

    Mobile Web Developer

    Android Developer

    iOS Developer

    Windows Mobile Developer

    BlackBerry Developer

    Symbian OS Developer

    Mobile Product Manager

    I actually find this quite low for Mobile Product Managers.

    Mobile Project Manager

    Let’s now look at some trends, courtesy of Indeed Trends. Interesting is how it starts to trend up towards the end of 2010 for all the top mobile OS platforms –iOS, Android, HTML5:

    iOS Job Trends

    HTML5 Job Trends

    Android Job Trends

    Mobile-app Job Trends

    Symbian OS Job Trends

    Note the roller-coaster trend for Symbian OS…

    Windows Mobile Job Trends


    BlackBerry Job Trends


    So in conclusion, the mobile space is red HOT… The demand is there. It definitely is a good time to be a mobile technologist, developer, product manager, and so on… globally!