I just blogged at the Austin Startup blog, about Evernote in Austin; the popular Evernote is opening a development Studio in Austin.

The company is growing fast — they started the year with 45 people and are looking to grow to 130 by the year end. And they have about 11 million users, and growing.

A few weeks ago, I met with Rich Warwick, Evernote’s new vice president and general manager for Austin products, where I learned that Evernote was going to open a development lab in Austin, and that they will be aggressively looking for Mobility and Mac developers here in town. I, being a mobility person, am pretty excited about the news: 1) I am a fan of Evernote, 2) they are opening a dev studio in Austin, and 3) a core focus of the Austin lab is Mobility!

On August 31st, they will run an Evernote Meetup at the W. If you are a mobile app developer and curious about joining the Evernote team, you should attend the meetup and also see their current job postings in the new Austin Studio.