Here revisiting the Microsoft and Nokia relationship, are we witnessing the death of Nokia? Or it’s rebirth?

Nokia is big and powerful, with lots of money, so perhaps the relationship becomes a merger, like a “Microsoft Nokia”-branded company. That would be a huge move for both companies.

Something deep(er) will happen between both companies and soon.

This all looks to me like ‘staged or planned’ (by Nokia board of course); from the Microsoft executive coming onboard as Nokia CEO, to today — all in preparation for an acquisition or merger.

My thoughts and hope are that if Nokia insists on an extremely close relationship with Microsoft, beyond what they already have in place, it should be a merger vs. an acquisition; otherwise they will be totally giving in to Microsoft. You know, there is nothing wrong with pride and passion and keeping Nokia and its name and machine in full force.

Earlier in the year I wrote a couple of pieces on Nokia and MSFT that have proven relatively accurate:

You can also read my friend Tomi Ahonen’s analysis and opinions on this topic on his blog topic. Remember, he is Finnish, so this topic in particular is close to his heart.