A recent report by the PEW Internet Project titled Networked Workers reveals a couple of interesting numbers on texting usage in the USA:

General Numbers on Technology Usage by “Networked Workers”

  1. 93% own a cell phone, compared with 78% of all American adults
  2. 85% own a desktop computer, compared with 65% of all adults
  3. 61% own a laptop computer, compared with 39% of all adults
  4. 27% own a Blackberry, Palm or other personal digital assistant, compared with 13% of all adults

Great mobile handset penetration numbers, but I would have thought it was higher. As of today, CTIA reports there are 269,605,965 subscribers in the US, while the US census shows there are 305,477,551 people in the US (Dec 24 2008).

On Americans Who Use Text Messaging

  1. 66% of those ages 30-49 use text messaging
  2. 15% say that at least half of their exchanges throughout the day are work-related
  3. 28% say they exchange text messages with friends and family at least once a day while at work
  4. 17% exchange messages with colleagues, according to Pew Internet Project

Event the older adults are catching up to texting. This is happening faster than I was expecting…

On BlackBerry Users Who Use Text Messaging

  1. 59% of cell phone or Blackberry owners use text messaging
  2. 47% say that all or most of their text messaging is personal
  3. 2% say that all or most is work-related
  4. 9% say that their text messaging is evenly split between work-related and personal exchanges

Even on BlackBerry, an email-focused device, texting is becoming an important communication channel.

On Personal vs. Work Text Messaging

  1. 28% say all are personal
  2. 16% say most are personal
  3. 25% say about half and half personal/work
  4. 21% say most are for work
  5. 11% say all are for work

I was surprised that work-texting is always as high as all personal or half personal/work. That is an interesting trend.

Other information from the report says that “Nearly half of all working Americans do at least some work from home” — that’s right, almost half of Americans are all workaholics!