Photos for the MobileWidget Camp Austin event have been uploaded to Flickr and tagged MobileWidgetCampAustin. If you have any photos of your own, please use the aforementioned tag, and thanks to all who have contributed photos so far:

I’m very happy with how the event turned out; this was the first event of this size that I have organized. The speakers and sessions where awesome, the facilities and food and beer were awesome, and everyone had a great time.

Thanks to all our sponsors, and to my co-organizer Dan Appelquist of MobileMonday London and evangelist at Vodafone. And many thanks to the Austin Technology Incubator’s Bart Bohn and Stephany Puno who took care of all the logistical details and helped make this event a reality.

MobileWidgetCamp Austin sponsors

And thanks to all the presenters both companies and individuals, wow, who traveled to Austin and made this event a high-quality mobile technology event. Hats-off to all of you!