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Dennis has written a neat review of WebClip2Go, eZee’s free service that let users “clip” content from live web sites and make that content available on mobile phones using the concept of content clipping. Mobile content adaptation is an unsolved problem, and at eZeeLabs with WebClip2Go, we are experimenting with the separation of “content selection” from “content adaptation”.

See WebClip2Go – Web Pages Snippets For Your Phone (The WAP Review).

Next, we’re working on the Web UI drag-and-drop browser extensions for web clipping generation, and the use of our short-code 23933 (2eZee) for web clips provisioning. We’ll be announcing the new features as those become available.

Remember, the service is in Beta, so hiccups might happen; please bear with us (for example, right now we are working with some hosting issues). Please send us your comments to “webclip2go at ezee dot com”.