J1 2007 Debate

I've been at JavaOne part of this week and not able to blog much… Before I get on the plane back to Austin, I wanted to write something quick about the past 2 days…

It was good to be back at JavaOne. Very neat to meet Padmasree Warrior, CTO at Motorola, Christy Wyatt, VP of Ecosystem and Market Dev at Motorola, and meet again Mark VandenBrink, Fellow at Motorola and one of the fathers of Java ME (MIDP), literally, as well as the rest of the Motorola staff. It was cool to meet the legendary John Gage of Sun. The sessions where great (more on this later on), the (Java ME) platform is truly maturing (as witnessed by the products I saw at the Pavilion), the Sun Java ME Mobile and Embedded Community community is doing a great job, and it was great to finally meet in person fellow mobility bloggers David Beers (Software Everywhere) and Ajit Jaokar (Open Gardens), as well as various Java ME community leaders, including Roger Brinkley.

On Thursday morning, Ajit and I were invited to participate at the Motorola's keynote session, to have a brief “Debate from the Blogosphere” on the topic of mobile AJAX (web) vs. Java ME (local)… that was interesting and fun; and it was the largest crowd I have ever addressed with more than a thousand (at least) approximately four thousand attendees. Before you see the video or listen to the audio, a disclaimer: I am not the best public speaker, but hey, practice makes perfect… 🙂 In short, Mobile AJAX will not replace Java ME or local, Mobile browsing will be big, and mobile AJAX by itself is not sufficient to deliver the best mobile experience…

Padmasree Warrior, Motorola's CTO, has a good grasp about the current and future of mobility, and about the power of blogging — Padmasree is a blogger herself

Thanks to Motorola for the invite to participate, and Sun for organizing the event.