CES 2007

During CES 2007, Nokia and VISA put together a demo of NFC in action, using the Nokia 6131 NFC handset. This NFC event is one of the most important announcements in CES 2007, I kid you not; Mobile Payments and NFC/contact-less are part of my 2007 mobility predictions

NFC/contact-less communication, and mobile payments will be a huge space, globally. And mobile payments, a topic that has been around for more than a decade, is resurfacing in 2007 (back in 1998 it was about mobile payments and smartcards, today is about similar but contact-less and cellphones). 2007 will see the rebirth of mobile payments with full force, with a number of startups mobile payments creating solutions, and large companies such as Visa and MasterCard once again revisiting the space, and acquiring small companies in the process. It is a challenging space, and it will take years for it to become pervasive (for it to tipping-point).

Below is the CES Nokia/Visa NFC video which is worth watching, courtesy of Phone scoop:

“NFC is a small chip that can be embedded in cell phones, it's already in most new credit cards as well. This is a demonstration of all the things you can use NFC for, including payments.”

Click here for the direct link to YouTube.

…imagine the possibilities.