Interesting, I just read via Olle’s blog JavaWire, about MSA version 2 (JSR 249)… I haven’t been able to keep up with JSR 249 for a while; so I decided to take a look at it today.

…wow, lots of things have happened. For one, it is no longer called MSA for CDC, but now its called MSA 2; I think they made the right call, good:

Unlike the first version of MSA (specified in JSR-248), MSA 2 does not only cover Java feature phones (CLDC phones), but also more advanced phones (CDC phones). MSA 2 will specify three different sets of API – a limited, a core, and a full set – for different types of phones, from low-end phones to advanced smartphones.

Interesting. They followed the JSR 248 concept of API stacks. With MSA2, the API stacks are as follows:

Click to Enlarge (Source: MSA2 spec)
Click to Enlarge (Source: MSA2 spec)

Very cool. I’m very excited to see the new APIs that MSA2 includes:

  • MIDP3 (JSR-271)
  • Mobile Sensor API (JSR-256)
  • Contactless Communication API (JSR-257)
  • Mobile User Interface Customization API (JSR-258)
  • Mobile Broadcast Service API (JSR-272)
  • XML API for Java ME (JSR-280)
  • IMS Services API(JSR-281)

This is great news; from NFC to IMS; can’t wait.

I do see (or fail to see) some JSRs that should be considered for inclusion:

MSA 2 looks hot. If all these APIs get delivered consistently across all handsets, we will be in business…

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