CDC: Connected Device Configuration, Defines
a Java runtime environment for high end consumer
devices with constrained hardware resources such as
set top boxes, PDAs and Communicators. Falls under
the J2ME umbrella.

CLDC: Connected Limited Device Configuration
Defines a Java runtime environment for devices with
highly constrained hardware resources.

IMP: Information Device Profile, A J2ME
profile based on MIDP, targeted at headless devices.

Java API for Bluetooth Wireless Technology, An
optional API that allows J2ME applications to access
Bluetooth functionality. unctionality.

JCP: Java Community Process, An open
organization of Java developers and licensees whose
charter is to develop and revise Java Specifications
Requests (JSR), reference implementations, and
technology compatibility kits.

JSR: Java Specification Request, The process
by which new Java specifications are defined. Part
of the Java Community Process.

JTWI: Java Technology Wireless Initiative, An
initiative and specification to provide a roadmap of
mobile phone related JSRs, for the purpose of
providing a consistent and interoperable end-to-end
wireless environment. It also defines a Reference
Implementation of the technology and a Technology
Compatibility Kit.

J2ME: Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, A
version of Java aimed at consumer and embedded
devices including cell phones and low-end PDAs.

MIDlet: An application written for the Mobile
Information device profile (MIDP).

MIDP Mobile Information Device Profile, A
CLDC profile targeted at cellphone and PDA-like
devices, also called Mobile Information Devices.

MMA: Mobile Media API, An optional API
providing a high level interface to sound and
multimedia capabilities.

Mobile Service Architecture (JSR-248)
is the next generation of the Java platform for mobile devices.
MSA is a complete architecture for mobile services. Like its
predecessor, JSR 185: Java Technology for the Wireless Industry,
MSA is an umbrella over a collection of familiar, updated, and
new JSRs that cooperate to support applications with a wide range
of standardized capabilities. It broadens the architecture defined
by JSR 185 to incorporate new technologies for high-volume mobile devices.
To ensure greater compatibility among implementations, MSA also documents
a set of clarifications that removes or reduces ambiguities that have been
uncovered in some JSRs.

J2ME OP: Optional Package, as the name
implies defines an optional set of APIs that
provides extended functionality to profiles.

J2ME Profile: Defines a Java runtime
environment and set of APIs targeted at a specific
type of device family, such as mobile information
devices, or information modules.

SATSA: Defines a standard set of optional
packages intended to provide a Java ME platform
access to secure storage and cryptographic
operations provided by a security element.

Security Element: Devices such as smart cards
and Wireless Identification Modules (WIM) that
provides secure storage and cryptographic

WMA: Wireless Messaging API, An optional
package providing access to wireless messaging
resources including SMS and MMS.

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