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From my MIDP 1.0 Book

  • Java 2 Micro Edition Basics (PDF) A Very Brief History of Java, Architecture of Java, Java 2, Java Community Process, Java 2 Micro Edition, Profiles, Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC), Supported J2SE Classes, Generic Connection Framework…
  • Programming Strategies for Small Devices (PDF) If in Doubt, Do Not Use Java, Move Computation to the Server, Simplify the Application, Build Smaller Applications, Remove the Public Members, Use Less Memory at Run Time, Use Scalar Types, Do Not Depend on the Garbage Collector, Help the Garbage Collector, Use Lazy Instantiation, Release Resources Early, Reuse Objects, Avoid Exceptions, Code with Performance in Mind, Use Local Variables, Avoid String Concatenation, Use Threads, but Avoid Synchronization, Separate the Model…
  • Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Specifications (PDF) Introducing the Micro Edition, A New Virtual Machine, New and Changed Classes, Configurations and Profiles, Building Blocks, The KVM, Related Technologies

PIM API for Java ME

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