On Retail Stores vs. Amazon (May 2012) I wrote about the issue that local retail stores are facing with respect to Amazon’s prowess:

Consumers visit a physical-local merchant/retail-store to see, try and feel a product, then compares prices online via their smartphone in real-time, then leaves the store. Many will go ahead an buy from Amazon, way cheaper, as Amazon has mastered the art of inventory, moving inventory and adjusting prices (in real-time). In addition, Amazon, to complement such sale, will show you something that pretty much is guaranteed that you will like and potentially buy.

Well, get ready, as it seems that things will be getting much more interesting for consumers, and much harder for local retail stores —
it seems that Amazon is planning a new push for same-day delivery.

Wow, think about it; consumers go to a local retail-store, sees, touches, feels, tries a product, then goes home/online and buys from Amazon-and receives the merchandise same day or almost same day!

Is it game over for Best Buy and similar?

Let’s take it a step further… Will Amazon open local stores similar to Apple Stores, but that carry no inventory? That is, the store’s whole purpose is for the customer to touch and feel and try the products right there, and order the products right there (or online) –products delivered the same day from one of Amazon’s new local/nearby warehouses? I predict that will be the case; at least some pilot stores.

And for local retail stores with inventory, believe me, you MUST adapt to the game, as I explained on Retail Stores vs. Amazon (May 2012).