The Outpost Tavern

A little corner of our USA Space program history is gone. The Outpost Tavern is gone.

And when I tell you “USA space program history”, you better believe it.

This used to be the place where NASA astronauts and engineers used to hang out. It was a place that when you went inside it was kind of emotional. So much history inside those walls. A very old shack with a lot of history that began in the 1950s with the test-pilots and the early astronauts (the Right Stuff since the days of Mercury & Gemini) and where its the walls honored the many astronauts and others in the space program who contributed throughout the years.

Great hamburgers and beer, place to hang out, celebrate and even brainstorm about missions and software designs…

On the later years I am told the Outpost was not the same as it used to; perhaps a reflection of the current state of the space program… 🙁

There is nothing like contributing to the space program, and nothing like contributing to the manned space program. I hope the USA manned space program continues moving forward. It took 50 years to get to where we are today. It is not as riding a bicycle; can’t scrap it and believe it will all come back easily.

Goodbye Outpost Tavern, it was fun…


I will look for my old photos while in the place and will update this blog if successful…