The Mobile Service Architecture 2 (JSR 249) is the specification that promises making Java ME-based handsets what many of us have been waiting for years: API robust and consistent.

The JSR 249 is now in Public Review phase, and it needs the input from the developer community…

MSA 2 Stack – Input Needed! – Click to Enlarge
MSA 2 Stack

Click the image to enlarge. Notice the yellow indicating the area that the Expert Group is asking for input from the developer community. Help the EG prioritize the APIs for the mid-device class (or standard platform); send an email to; tell them Enrique sent you… 😉

And as I’ve previous written about on MSA 2, the API is not complete, and the following JSRs that should be considered for inclusion:

  • JSR 304: Mobile Telephony API version 2 -or- JSR 253 MTA version 1
  • JSR 266: Unified Message Box Access API (UMBA-API)
  • JSR 307: Network Mobility and Mobile Data API

Both the MTA and UMBA APIs are in limbo within the JCP, but the JCP should take them out of such limbo-state so the EG can incorporate! You see, while inter-vendor and JCP politics and legality stuff continues to slow things down, platforms such as Android and other continue to move forward.

Download the draft specification from

This Public Review closes on 23 February 2009.