I’ve written an article/tutorial on mobile web/widget development using Yahoo! Blueprint; see Develop mobile widgets with Yahoo! Blueprint (IBM developerWorks). The article shows how to develop a Weather widget using the Blueprint XML markup and infrastructure, PHP for server integration, and the consumption of Yahoo! services on the web.

Developing mobile applications can be a daunting task. With hundreds of handsets to develop against and support, mobile application development can be time consuming and costly.

With Blueprint, you can author a mobile application one time that can be targeted at mobile devices with a browser (or devices that support the Blueprint platform), allowing you to potentially reach thousands of users. In this tutorial you will see how to develop a weather mobile widget using the Yahoo! Blueprint platform.

This tutorial is for developers interested in learning how to develop mobile widget-based applications using the Yahoo! Blueprint platform. While this tutorial is for entry-level developers, general knowledge about Web applications, mobile applications, XML, and PHP is desirable, but not essential.

The article is dedicated to the memory of Heidi Carson:

This tutorial is dedicated to the memory of Heidi Carson. She was the editor of IBM developerWorks (dW) Wireless and Web development zones. I used to write about mobile and wireless for her; many years ago Heidi gave me the opportunity to write for dW. And she was friendly, kind, and always willing to help through the process. As I learned that she has left us, I’m saddened. But a part of her can be found in each of my previous articles at dW.