23 Dec

The Mayan calendar, the end of the world, 2012, and mobility standards


As I celebrated my birthday on December 21st, I was reminded that the “end of the world” is just 5 years away on Dec-21-2012, the year the Mayan calendar ends.

How some people have extrapolated that the end of such calendar means the end of the world is beyond me… The calendar is cyclical and it will pick up right where it left up. But maybe we should use this as an excuse to accelerate standardizing mobility and opening the networks… 🙂

In any case, my good friend Larry Ketchersid, entrepreneur technologist, martial artist, science fiction writer, and family man recently wrote The Thinking Man’s Guide to the End of the World where he covers potential types of calamity, all conveniently sorted into categories…


8 thoughts on “The Mayan calendar, the end of the world, 2012, and mobility standards

  1. Fuck you. the world is due for a dramatic “realignment” and i hope you die as swiftly as myself. better then the prolonged suffering of starvation from lack of crops.

  2. @Peter J:

    Realignment will occur, regardless. Either due to natural reasons, or accelerated by humans’ doings.

    But that has nothing to do w/ a human-made calendar. You lunatic!

    Not very nice you saying FU… but since you brought it up first, pardon my French –> “fuck you”!

  3. i m from india and i say that it information is wrong because here is no such power which destryed the human perfectly .human is the most near to the god and god loves his all lovers and help them. god provide certanity to them who learns god all time

  4. hi, no man can say.., nature will do as it must, by Gods design. Just except and live a good life.So.., be good. Peace to all.

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