A quick announcement about two great resources that are available to Central Texas entrepreneurs who are starting or who had started a business (a start-up) and need some help or direction.


First my friend Hall Martin who runs the Austin Entrepreneur Network (http://austinentrepreneurnetwork.org) is organizing a “Startup Business Class” on September 15 of 2009. But access to the course is limited. Note that admission into the course will be determined by the unique value of your business proposition, your ability to communicate said value, and your commitment to making the business a success. To apply go to http://austinentrepreneurnetwork.org/application. More information is below. Hall is a long-time member of the Austin angel community and is always helping those who are starting their own technology startups.


Also, for those technology entrepreneurs who live in San Antonio (and I would guess Austin too), my very good friend Dean McCall has just started the Idea Finishing School (http://www.ideafinishingschool.com). Their goal is to provide expert advice on technology, marketing, business structure and investment capital for many “early stage” companies. Dean who is the co-founder of Ideagin, LLC, is a technology catalyst, a “connector” and dear friend; it is great to see him taking such leadership role in the technology community helping startups.

So there you go, two great resources for entrepreneurs in Central Texas…

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The Entrepreneur Startup & Growth Course: From Ideation to Funding

So you have a good idea, maybe a team of people that believe in that idea, and possibly even some money in the bank. So what are you going to do now to turn that idea into a full-blown business reality?

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:
* Can I articulate this idea?
* Is it unique?
* Will people pay for it?

AEN’s Entrepreneur Startup and Growth course helps you answer these and other crucial questions that must be addressed before you can turn a good idea into a good business.

Attendees will receive:

* Eight (8) two-hour classroom sessions – held once a week – covering critical topics on starting and funding a company.
* Two one-on-one mentoring sessions, focused on refining your Executive Summary and Fast pitch.
* A complete course book, with presentation slides, work assignments, and reference materials.

You should apply if:

* You have a business concept under development.
* You have started a business but don’t know where to go next.
* You have an established business but need funding to take it to the next level.