Cosmic Log has published a story titled Blue Origin Revealed, where you can read and learn about Blue Origin, which is Jeff Bezos aerospace company – see pictures and a short video of their successful maiden test flight of their

STS-116, so far so good

I have been so busy, that I totally missed the fact that the Shuttle STS-116 crew had launched last Saturday onboard Orbiter Discovery (OV-103); the first night launch in 4 years. Night launches are one of the most spectacular things

37 Years Ago Today….

The date was July 20, 1969. The mission was Apollo 11. A day like today, 37 years ago, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon… Forgotten by many, the trio of Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin, together with thousands

STS-121 Discovery Blast Off!

STS-121 has cleared the launch-pad, and the mission has begun. A perfect blast-off, on a perfect Fourth of July – this is the first Space Shuttle launch on Independence Day, in the history of the program… If you like to

Launch Photography

I found a very neat web site called Total Eclipse ( by photographer Ben Cooper, with photos of current and past Space Shuttle and other rocket launches, for example, you will find a great collection of new photos of the