Endeavour / STS-126 night launch

A beautiful night launch of the Shuttle Shuttle Endeavour and the STS-126 mission (PDF)… See the launch in High Definition, or in standard definition version on Spacevidcast.com‘s YouTube channel. In Endeavour’s payload bay, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Leonardo is packed

When We Left Earth

The Discovery Channel HD is showing a very cool series (Sundays 9 EST) called When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions; Part 1 ran today. Great images/video clips and historical information… The series is available on DVD and Blue

100 Explosions on the Moon

If you see a flashing light while looking at the moon, it might not be an optical illusion but an meteoroid impact; from 100 Explosions on the Moon (NASA): Over the past two and a half years, NASA astronomers have

The Phoenix has Landed

The Phoenix Mars Lander has landed. Perfect landing. Congrats to the Phoenix Lander team… Phoenix touched down on the Red Planet at 4:53 p.m. Pacific Time (7:53 Eastern Time), May 25, 2008, in an arctic region called Vastitas Borealis, at