Feature vs. Smartphone

Feature vs. the Smart-phone. That is the question. There is no straight answer; the lines are blurring too fast. At the end, your definition might be different from mine: Both Feature and Smartphones support voice and data capabilities, including multimedia

Reverse Engineering the iPhone

I read at Mika's blog about a video from Semiconductor insights, which is a company that reverse engineers electronic products, that shows the iPhone being dismantled to learn about the electronic components being used — see below: –Disclaimer: Bill, you

iPhone Cost of Ownership

AT&T phone plans for the iPhone include unlimited data, which is great. The cost of ownership for the iPhone isn't cheap, especially when including unlimited texting. See below, and do the math… Click to enlarge ceo

Nokia 6131 NFC

I (finally) got my hands on a Nokia 6131 NFC handset with which I have been playing with. This handset is to be released later this year (summer) here in the U.S. The 6131 NFC is a Series 40 3rd

Betting on the All-in-One Handset

Gaming, on-line gaming, seamless voice, push-to-talk, VoIP, video sharing and streaming, entertainment, access to work, email, music, IM, payments, SMS, mobile web, etc, etc, etc. The All-in-One handset. BussinessWeek reports that DoCoMo is betting on the All-in-One Gizmo. Mike Elgan

Sony's Mylo Gadget

Sony's specialized messaging handset, the Mylo gadget, is a small, Wi-Fi enabled handset that provides a Web browser, messaging, phone and digital music player. See more at Sony's Mylo site. Also see Engadget's review, and Gizmodo's video at YouTube. Seems