25 Sep

Carnival of the Mobilists #92


This week’s Carnival of the Mobilists is at Abhishek Tiwari’s weblog, who is hosting the Carnival for the first time, and who has done a great job with it.

A great set of entries this week from the blogosphere, including Rudy of M-Trends, Xen from Xellular Identity, Paul from Mobile Point, Tomi and Alan of the Communities Dominate blog, and many others, including truly yours, me!

It has been a while since the last time that I submitted an entry to the Carnival of the Mobilists, and it is good to be back.

Thanks to Abhishek for including my entry on the topic of Mobile Context, which is a topic that I am spending quite a bit of time working on lately.


18 Jul

Carnival of the Mobilists #82


Now that I am (almost) done with my move to WordPress, I’m ready to host the Carnival of the Mobilists #82… Woohoo! My apologies for the delay (and for not including an entry this week)…

It has been a while since the last time that I hosted a Carnival of the Mobilists, and it is my pleasure to host again… This week we have 12 submissions from Mobilists from around the world, covering topics that include the iPhone, Mobile Web, a wiki for 3G travelers, mobile security, enriched ringback tones, and tips. So let’s get started:

  1. Paul Walsh of Segala, writes O2 taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit?. Here Paul writes that “this doesn’t make sense to me because it’ll mean users will have open access to the Web and quickly realise that iMode (premium content which makes up for most of O2’s data revenue) isn’t what they want.” Interesting read.
  2. Troy Norcross of the Consumer Preference (or Mobile Marketing & SPAM) blog writes Mobile TV: Look who’s watching now, where he shares with us highlights and interesting tidbits from the Mobile TV event that he attended.
  3. Martin Sauter of the Mobile Society Technology Page writes about A Wiki For the 3G Traveler where he provides advice on how to access the Internet in countries to which they intend to travel.
  4. Jason Devitt of Skydeck writes Congressional Hearing on Wireless Innovation and Consumer Protection a good read about wireless and the issue of openness and regulation by the government… Jason says “I’m one of those who believes that the mobile phone market ought to work more like the Internet market. I don’t have to ask Verizon DSL for permission to attach a computer to their network; why do I have to ask Verizon Wireless for permission to attach a phone to theirs?”. A very important topic and one with which I totally agree with Jason…
  5. Stuart Dredge of Pocket Picks covers Top 5 mobile internet sites that you’ll actually use, a good summary of of tops mobile web-based application.
  6. Dennis at the WapReview covers MizPee – Your Mobile Toilet Advisor, a mobile web application that helps you find, given address, the nearest public restroom. Interesting…
  7. The folks at Masabi wrote a good article on the Problems with Mobile Security #1… a more technical article that is a good read if you want to understand the issues related to security and mobility.
  8. Tomi T Ahonen of Communites Dominate Brands writes an Open Letter to Sprint Nextel where Tomi covers yet another customer relationship debacle at Sprint, in this case the “Sprint Nextel letter to 1,000 customers informing them that because they had called the customer service number too much, their contracts were being terminated.” Definitely not a nice move by Sprint Nextel… not to mention that currently network carriers are over subscribed, meaning that good customer support is one of the few differentiators that remain, and Sprint Nextel is not doing great in that department.
  9. Debi Jones (Mobile Jones) writes Mobile Web – Just Say No! where she covers some metrics related to mobile web destinations in the US versus in the UK, and covers examples of excellent and well adopted applications. Debi also makes the important point about of the role of web services on mobile applications (as consumed by thick clients) vs. purely thin web/browsing applications.
  10. Xen of Xellular Identity writes Enriched Ringback Tones Offering With Non-Music Content where she covers an interesting concept that Xen calls enriched ringback tones which basically are ringbacks that go beyond simple tones/music by providing ‘enriched information’.
  11. Tarek Ghazali of the Sumbiano-Tek blog writes a great tip on Deleting Stuck installer files on Symbian (S60) phones.
  12. Last but not least Ajit Jaokar of the Open Gardens blog writes Grand Central: I am not a number – I am a tag, where Ajit goes back to a concept that he covers in his Mobile Web 2.0 book “I am not a number, I am a tag”, in light of Google’s recent acquisition of GrandCentral Communications.

A good set of entries… And my favorite entry for this week is Jason Devitt’s Congressional Hearing on Wireless Innovation and Consumer Protection, as it covers a very important topic, one for which creating awareness is important. My second choice is Masabi’s article on the Problems with Mobile Security #1.

So I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s Carnival; see you next week at GoldenSwamp!


19 Jun

Carnival of the Mobilists #78

The 78th weekly Carnival of the Mobilists at Symbian-Guru.com.

As usual, great essays from Mobilists from all around the world… check it out. Thanks to Tim for including my entry.

Let me take the opportunity of reminding everyone about the call for Mobilists for SXSW Interactive 2008, to submit their ideas for panels on mobility. For more information see:


30 May

Carnival of the Mobilists 75

This week's Carnival of the Mobilists is at Andreas Constantinou and Hampus Jakobsson's VisionMobile Forum.

The folks at VisionMobile, which is one of my favorite mobility blogs, selected the top 10 mobility submissions from the blogosphere… It has been a while since I've submitted to the Carnival (my clients and other are keeping me busy), and it is great that my article Standardizing location-based services (LBS) was selected as one of the top ten articles… thanks!

Enjoy the Carnival!


28 Mar

Carnival of the Mobilists #66


This week's Carnival of the Mobilists is up at Rafe Blandford's All About Symbian; 19 entries from context in mobility to Oz' IM.

Very good entries overall, but two entries caught my eyes specially (not in any particular order): 1) Kiran Bellubbi (SmallDoses) with his write up on paper prototyping and usage scenarios; very interesting, quick method to represent the user interface and interactions, and 2) Malcolm Lithgow's with his write up on contextuality on mobile devices; yes, context is key on mobile.