Using Android’s Advertising ID

My most recent piece is about Using Android’s Advertising ID (Safari Online Books blog). The ability to identify users is important for advertising, analytics and other purposes. Android developers typically rely on the Android Device ID or Telephony IDs such

Article: Understanding security on Android

“When you develop Android applications, you must deal with a number of security-related aspects, including application processes and sandboxes, code and data sharing, system protection through application signing, and permissions use.” See my article Understanding security on Android (IBM developerWorks)

Android 1.5 Cupcake Install Instructions

Below are modified instructions for Android 1.5 update/install: (Make sure the G1 is fully powered or connected to power) For Android 1.5 Cupcake download the update from: Rename the downloaded file to “” Connect your G1 to your PC;

Google Apps on Android

Google Apps for Android, which includes YouTube, Search w/ suggestions, Mail, Calendar, Maps, Contacts and Talk, all seem very well implemented and very well integrated with the web and their corresponding web-based applications: The Android platform is looking good… ceo