The Carnival of the Mobilists (#247) came up today at mobiThinking with topics that include: Mobile’s role in Japanese disaster; near-field communications; tablets vs. smartphones; operators vs. content providers; making the Web mobile friendly and more.

My piece on NFC in 2011 was picked up:

NFC, a.k.a. contactless payments, touch and go, wave and pay et cetera, has been all talk and trials, but no trousers for almost a decade, largely due to a lack of mass-market NFC-enabled handsets (everywhere but Japan). That, according to C. Enrique Ortiz at Mobility Weblog in Mobility 2011: The year of NFC is going to change. This informative guide isn’t your usual “will they, won’t they” article about Apple, Google or (more importantly) Nokia etc, nor is the guide just about mobile payments (which is only one bit of the NFC story). Other blogs in this series are also worth a read, see also: Mobility in 2011: Mobile apps, Web apps and tipping points.

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