Steve Guengerich has been putting together a very nice idea, mapping the Austin mobile scene; excellent! Steve is managing director of BroadBrush Ventures and a member of the founding management team of Appconomy.

I met Steve the other day for the first time even though we both have been in Austin for a long time. And mobile is the topic that made the intro possible. We talked about this mind-map idea for Austin mobile scene and other, and it is great to see this happening.

It is so very exciting to continue see mobile (finally) happening, for real this time, locally and globally. And Austin is no exception; as a matter of fact, lots of mobile companies getting established and growing in Austin as we speak. Even investors in Austin, who traditionally have been very B2B or Enterprise’ish, are paying attention to mobile. Lots of companies making mobile their main focus, or understanding very well that mobile is an essential part, moving forward. The software and services and creativity getting created is just phenomenal.

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