I’ve been nominated to the Texas Wireless Summit Wireless Industry Award — neat!

The email reads:

Congratulations! You have been nominated to receive the 2007 AWA Wireless Industry Leadership Award at this year’s Texas Wireless Summit. Due to this nomination, we are asking that you provide a 3-4 sentence overview of what you do and what you have done to help further the growth of the wireless industry in Austin?

My response back:

I am co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at eZee, inc., a mobile software solution provider where I am responsible for the company’s technology direction and product development, as well as R&D and industry standards compliance. I participate on various mobile standards bodies and am a recognized blogger and mobile technology writer.

One of my goals has been to help make Austin a leader in mobile and wireless technologies and applications. To accomplish this, I’ve spent many years creating awareness about Austin’s mobility landscape, the companies and individuals, as well as helping educate the local technology community on mobility. For example, I was a founding member of the AWA; founder of the Austin chapter of the MobileMonday global community, and AWA’s mobile application’s SIG. For a number of years I mentored UT computer science students in their senior year software engineering class.

I also am a founding member of the Carnival of the Mobilists global community of bloggers. In 2006, I helped organize and judge the Digital Convergence Initiative (DCI) of Central Texas Mobile Content Festival. I also am the leader of the Austin Bootstrap Network’s Mobile Subgroup, and also serve in SXSW Interactive Festival Advisory Board for 2008 on mobile content.

Today I continue pursuing the same goal of helping make Austin a leader in the mobile space.

In any case, win or not, what matters is that I’m hoping that Austin continues to grow in becoming a top region when it comes to mobility, and for that to happen, it takes many parts working together: the University, the local companies and individuals, the Chamber of Commerce, the entrepreneurs and the investors, and others, all working together.