Awesome Foundation

Another month, another grant…

The Austin Awesome Foundation board of trustees have selected the project “Astronomy for Underserved Populations” as the recipient of June 2012 $1,000 grant. Congrats to Amy Jackson of Starry Sky Austin.


My experience as an educator is that families with the financial means and time can provide their children with enriching educational opportunities such as a trip to the McDonald Observatory for example. I want to provide an opportunity for underserved communities to look through telescopes who wouldn’t normally. Seeing Saturn for example for the first time is an eye-opening experience. I have heard adults giggle when they see it and ask me if it is real or not. Understanding our place in the universe brings about a sense of peace and deep knowing that we are all part of the same stuff… we are all in this together. Peace through astronomy, if you will.

This project was selected from a batch of around 20 applications that we received in May alone. While all projects are unique, this month’s selection was based on the impact to underserved populations, including children, the project’s focused-mission, and the great passion by the project’s leader.

The Austin Awesome Foundation is getting an increased number of applications each month, and the applications themselves are getting better and more interesting; it is very exciting to be part of this.

Remember to submit your applications at the Austin Awesome Foundation website.