Join us at our March 2013 Android Dev Austin Meet up with Apigee! Apigee, experts on all things “API”, is one of the coolest companies out there.

Seating is limited! Please RSVP:

Topic: Making the Backend as easy as the Frontend: a look at BaaS.


Sure, Android makes it super-easy to build the front of your mobile app, but what happens when you need to plug it to a backend to load data, register users, connect to social services, etc. ? Does it have to be the same mess of PHP, MySQL, Rails and legacy code you had to deal with during the old days of the web? (Ah, the old days of the web… That was so long ago.)

Fear not! There is an alternative today, it’s called a Backend-as-a-Service.

Tim from Apigee will give us a tour of how BaaS platforms work, and how you can use them from any mobile app. He’ll conclude with a live demo of how to use one from an Android app, and show specific examples of how some apps on the Play Store use them.

Event Info:
* Event is free.
* When: March 4, 2013. Event starts at 6pm until 8pm.
* Location: Apigee offices | 1005 west 38th street, 3rd floor, Austin, TX.
* Drinks (yes, including Beer) & Pizza will be provided!

Seating is limited! Please RSVP: