09 May

Android Widgets coming soon and they look fantastic

Android Widgets, which will be made available with the release of Android 1.5 (Cupcake) is a great addition to the platform; I’ve been waiting for such widget API for a while now.

Android Widget

Android Widgets is an example of Local widgets (as opposed to Web-based widgets). And because they are Local, you get the benefit of the (Android) platform to its fullest.

Android define their widgets or AppWidgets as miniature application views that can be embedded in other applications (e.g., the Home). These views are called "widgets" and you can publish one with an "AppWidget provider." An application component that is able to hold other widgets is called an "AppWidget host."

Below is a glimpse at Android Widgets (thanks to PhoneDog):

When Android widgets are used with the AppWidget framework, see Introducing home screen widgets and the AppWidget framework, developers can write “widgets” that can be dropped onto the home screen. (And with “home widgets” we are getting closer to something that I wrote some time ago – see the bit old but still very relevant piece titled The Next Battlefront for Mobile Applications.)

For those interested in developing widgets for Android, there are a couple of good developer guides available at developer.android.com:

Plus see my Mobile Widgets Page which provides some background, definition, examples and related information about mobile widgets.


7 thoughts on “Android Widgets coming soon and they look fantastic

  1. Hey Ajit. Revenue model will be the same as for other (consumer) apps – some will be free while others will be paid for.

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  3. interesting. agree that they are significant. do you know the revenue model for them ie will they be free/paid?

  4. will be similar to other: free and paid. all depending on value they bring. and the developer wish to make it free or make some money out of it.

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