Welcome. My name is C. Enrique Ortiz (aka CEO). My professional focus is Product Development, next generation mobile and cloud software, platforms and APIs. I’m author or co-author of two books on mobile development (J2ME and Android), hundreds of articles and presentations and a number of patents.

A long-time Mobilist, for fun and profit and family man, I started my career as an on-board Space Shuttle software developer who decided to focus on mobile technologies rather than working on dangerous rockets.

As time permits, I like to write/share my interests: end-to-end mobile software, platforms and APIs, the mobile context and implications on the user experience, embedded and connected machines/software, intelligent machines/software, flying machines/software, the space program.

Checkout my cool project (with Juan Salas) called Kloc.me – Effortless and beautiful portfolio websites for developers.

Views are my own. All content and opinions in this weblog are mine and do not necessarily represents the opinions of my employer or customers, friends and family, followers or others.

I work at GFR Media.

Specialties: Product innovation, product development, product management, end-to-end software design & development, Java coder, HTML5/CSS/JS, all things Mobile, Cloud-technologies, operations, go-to-market, technical papers and articles.

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  • Mobile Monday Austin
  • Android Dev Austin
  • 2014 American Freestyle Open
  • Founding Trustee Austin Awesome Foundation


  • Android in Action, 3rd edition (2011)
  • Mobile Information Device Profile for J2ME (2001)
  • Hundreds of articles and presentations
  • Mobility Weblog
  • A number of patents


  • Systems And Methods For Indoor And Outdoor Mobile Device Navigation (Provisional)
  • Unified Services Platform Using A Telephone Number As A Common Subscriber Identifier (14087768)
  • Mobile presentation system (US20020147749)
  • File list processing (US6484157)
  • File transfers using playlists (US6026439)


  • Kloc.me – beautiful portfolios for developers


  • The Austin Technology Incubator
  • SXSW Interactive
  • Various startups

Back in 2007, as CTO and co-founder of eZee Inc, we had the following vision on Mobile Coupons and Payment (too early to market)

My Days in the Space Program

Back in early/mid 1990s I used to work at IBM on NASA’s Space Shuttle’s Onboard Software. This is one of the best experiences that I have had, ever! Working on the flight software (FCOS/UI/SX), and the mission support at the Mission Evaluation Room (MER): “In God we trust, all others bring data”.

As one of the coders who worked on the Space Shuttle flight computer OS, I love the following quote: “As the 120-ton space shuttle sits surrounded by almost 4 million pounds of rocket fuel, exhaling noxious fumes, visibly impatient to defy gravity, its on-board computers take command. — source: They Write the Right Stuff.

The following is a photo of Hoot Gibson handing and congratulating me on my Silver Snoopy Award:

Then in ~2004, I almost joined Blue Origin (BO) — but unfortunately I’d to turn it down due to family. Interestingly 10 years later I ended up joining Amazon and moving to Seattle. It is awesome to see BO making history, pretty much on schedule.

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